5 Tips To "Get That Glow"

1.       Feed your skin - Diet has a huge impact on our skin and as boring as this sounds feeding your skin from the inside out is a vital step to having a clear complexion. Sugar breaks down collagen and ages skin so we advise you to put down the sugary goods and opt for lots of fresh veggies instead.


2.       Exfoliating - Exfoliating once or twice a week will help get rid of any dead and dull skin, this will allow products to absorb deeper and give you better results. I personally prefer a gentle fruit acid to exfoliate rather than harsh beads. Add a hydrating mask directly after to leave your skin feeling amazing. 


3.       The double cleanse – Before you go to bed make sure you do a double cleanse. The first to help get rid of makeup and dirt then cleanse a second time to clear the skins pores from oil and grit.


4.       Add a little vitamin C – This is my super hero ingredient and one of those “all-rounder” products. I like to use a serum due to its high levels of active ingredients that penetrate deeper in to the skin but you can use a moisturiser instead or both depending on skin type. Vitamin C protects from sun damage, helps even out skin tone, stimulates collagen production and is sure to give you that glow!


5.        Put up a barrier – Something I see all of the time is clients investing a lot of time and money in to achieving flawless skin and then falling at the last hurdle by not wearing SPF. Often I have clients say to me but it’s not even sunny outside, why do I need to wear SPF? Well even on a cloudy day up to 40% of the suns UV rays (this is what causes fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and skin cancer) reach earth. AHA’s, BHA’s and other advanced ingredients that are helping us along our skin care journey also leave our skin more vulnerable as they often take away the top layers of skin. So make year round SPF your new favourite designer accessory.