Jan Marini C-esta Cleansing Gel

With Summer quickly approaching everyone is on the hunt for products to give them that ‘Summer Glow’. Seduire’s beauty secret for June is the Jan Marini C-esta Cleansing Gel. This product is packed with Vitamin C, an ingredient which is known for it’s active production of collagen and brightening of the skin and with the addition of DMAE it enhances the benefits to the skin that Vitamin C has to offer. The luxurious foam lather makes it excellent for men to shave with but also great for removing makeup. This unisex dream cleanser offers noticeably softer, smoother and brighter skin.


As the Queen Bee herself says, "I woke up like this" - We want to give you a product that says exactly that!

Retailing at £32.00, we think it's a steal!