Mascara's be GONE! Eyelash extensions reduce the long daily makeup process giving you longer, darker and fuller lashes for longer. Give your eyelashes that extra bit of 'Oomph' with any of our eyelash sets.

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Express Cluster Lashes
Our express cluster lash application creates a fuller look, softer touch and lighter lid that lasts up to a week. These are achieved by weaving and adhering individual lashes in clusters to client's natural lashes. Perfect for a special occasion. 

£35.00 | 30 Minutes


Express Individual Lashes
Our express individual lashes offer an extensive choice of different styles that last up to a week. Choose a natural look or opt for a more intense and glamorous one.

£45.00 | 45 Minutes


Semi permanent Lashes
The full set of individual  Mink eyelash extensions is a treatment that totally transforms your eyes and frames your face.  After a short consultation, your technician will design your  bespoke set of lashes to frame your eyes and you will leave with extra added glamour to your lashes. The full set is designed for someone who enjoys the fullness of mascara with added length and volume.  Refills are recommended every 4-6 weeks

£95.00 | 120 minutes


Semi Permanent Infills

we grow and shed our natural eyelashes this is why we recommend 2-3 week infills to make the most of our lash extensions. 

£40.00 | 30 Minutes   (Dependant on time)

Lash Lift

A great alternative to eyelash extensions, this low maintenance lash solution for your natural lashes. gives you the appearance of thicker  and longer lashes without the need for mascara or extensions. Lashes are gently permed using a light solution to give an amazing lift that lasts 6-8 weeks enhance the effect by adding an eyelash tint for a touch of glam. 

£50.00 | 30 Minutes  (£10 extra for tint)