Thread Vein Removal

Laser Thread Vein Removal is comfortable, highly effective way to get rid of unwanted fine surface veins that appear from time to time. The treatment is gentle, safe and has very little down time meaning that you can get back to normal activities in no time. The treatment course can either totally remove visible veins or reduce visible red or blue veins. 


Laser Thread Vein Removal 

Laser Thread Vein Removal works by targeting the red or blue veins without causing damage to the surrounding area or surface of the skin. This heat energy gently dissipates the vein by causing it to collapse and triggering your body's natural healing. This treatment is the perfect solution for treating thread veins on either the face or the body. The treatment is comfortable and has very little down time meaning that normal activities can resume within a few days. May require more then one treatment.

From £100.00 |  Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.

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