Winter Pedicures!

Are pedicures for Spring & Summer?

The answer is simple... NO, NO, NO!

First rule is never give up on any part of your body during any month, you miss one pedicure appointment and the next thing you know you haven't waxed you're legs in 6 months and your partner is wondering if the dog is sneaking into bed with you during the night!

So in all honesty there are legitimate reasons to keeping your feet looking fabulous during the winter months. 

1. It makes it easier in the long run.
By keeping your feet in tip top shape throughout autumn and winter using professional skincare products will mean you can avoid that awful, embarrassing, almost feel sorry for the therapist feeling on your 'first day back' pedicure where you know you have cracked heels, a chipped polish that was applied 3 months ago and dry feet. (I'd also like to remind you that by not having regular pedicures and changing polishes regularly you are more likely to miss any infection or fungus that could occur.)

2. Everybody likes pretty feet.
Lets face it our lovers LOVE us to be well groomed. Well pedicured & polished feet look amazing and just because they may be the only people seeing them it doesn't mean they should be neglected! 

3. Open toe high heels.
So, although technically open toe heels have a season (May through to September), they are your favourite pair of heels and they go perfectly with you're outfit. We say GO FOR IT! Love is love and no one should stand in the way of true love! Wear the shoes ladies, just be prepared for a little chill!

4. Circulation.
A good pedicure increases blood flow around the body and helps the body release toxins.

5. Your weekly gym class.
So summer bodies are made in the winter right? What is more embarrassing then you getting your feet out in your weekly pilates class and finding that they are looking worse then ever? Keep them soft, polished & cute with regular pedi's to avoid this embarrassment.

6. Pamper sessions.
There is no right or wrong time of the year to pamper yourself. Indulging in a little YOU time is not only wanted its NEEDED! Why not stop and have a luxury winter pedicure using paraffin wax with your favourite therapist to de-stress!

7. Prevention.
Exfoliating your feet helps control and prevents the growth of calluses and corns, which not only look unattractive, but also cause discomfort.

8. Winter holidays.
WHO DOESN'T LOVE HOLIDAYS? With lots of winter sun holiday deals don't be caught without perfectly pedicured feet on the beach! 

Completely disagree or have alternative ideas? Drop us a comment!